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Finance Budget and Audit Documents
Adopted Budgets
Adopted budgets are completed before the start of each fiscal year.
Most Recent Adopted Budget | View All

Financial Audit Reports
Financial audit reports are done for each fiscal year for the city and various programs.

City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Most Recent Financial Audit Report | View Previous CAFR's

Single Audit 
Most Recent Single Audit   * FY 2013-14  * FY 2012-13  *  FY 2011-12  * FY 2010-11

Dixon Fire Protection District (DFPD)
The Dixon Fire Protection District is a special district in Solano County.  The District entered into a joint exercise of powers agreement with the City of Dixon under which the City will provide fire services to the entire territory of the District. 

FY 2015-16  FY 2014-15   * FY 2013-14  * FY 2012-13  FY 2011-12  * FY 2010-11

Transit Audit
* FY 2016-17 * FY 2015-16  * FY 2014-15   * FY 2013-14   * FY 2012-13   * FY 2011-12   * FY 2010-11

Redevelopment Agency

On 12/29/11, the California Supreme Court issued an opinion that largely upheld the winddown & dissolution of redevelopment agencies.  All California redevelopment agencies were dissolved as of Feb 1, 2012. The last audit for the Redevelopment Agency for the City of Dixon was for FY 2010-11.