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Dixon Police Department
Badge and Patch

Mission Statement 

The Dixon Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police service to those who live and work in the City of Dixon. We work in partnership with the community and strive to maintain the highest level of public safety. We provide our service with a commitment to cultivating the public trust by respecting individual rights and striving to be fair, just and responsive to the needs and feelings of our community.

Dixon Police Department
201 West A Street
Dixon, CA  95620

Non-Emergency: (707) 678-7080
General Information: (707) 678-7070
Fx: (707) 678-0954
For an emergency dial 911

Lobby Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Police Department provides a full range of police services to the residence of Dixon – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Police Department is responsible for patrolling city neighborhoods, the business districts, responding to calls for service, investigating crime, arresting offenders and working closely with the community to identify and solve problems of crime and neighborhood disorder.

Dixon Police Philosophy

Community Collaborative Partnerships and Problem Solving

Some police organizations refer to their break from traditional policing as Community Policing, others call it Neighborhood Policing and still others focus on the problem solving aspect of what they intend to do and think in terms of Problem Oriented Policing.

Community policing philosophy incorporates the development of partnerships, an orientation to the community, effective problem solving, and public service. In the City of Dixon we have started to define our style of community policing as Dixon Policing. Dixon Policing is a synthesis of the community policing philosophy, the “Beat Health” problem solving strategies and the Police Department’s heritage, tradition, and reputation of policing. Whatever you want to call it, I am hoping to instill a style of policing that is unique to our community while similar to what others are attempting. It is, however, a holistic effort involving community partnerships and problem solving efforts. 

Community partnerships are central to the Dixon Policing philosophy. The police officer is the Department’s representative to the community. All Department resources are centered around the line officer. The police officer maintains a leadership role in their commitment to community problem solving and the coordination of internal and external resources. The line officer facilitates community organization, mobilization, and information exchange as he/she works cooperatively to resolve identified problems and community issues with neighborhood residents and groups, churches, businesses, schools, community-based organizations, elected officials and government agencies, or any combination of these. No single agency, or individual, can solve complex problems alone. A combined police and community effort aids in maintaining the safety of our neighborhoods and business districts. With better citizen and police communication, officers can more effectively use and share crime information with the public. Officers, who are aware of their community problems, as well as their residents, can link people with other agencies that can help improve the community. This is done with an emphasis on problem solving; both short term and long term problem solving. Problem solving refers to the process of identifying problems and priorities through a maximized communication and coordination with community members and groups, and through information gathering and analysis, developing and facilitating responses that are innovative and custom made with the best potential for eliminating or reducing the problem. When a citizen or group brings a quality of life issue to the attention of the police department, the goal is not merely to 'fix' the problem, but to create a long-term solution, preventing the problem from reoccurring.  Examples of this would be improving the aesthetics of a neighborhood to discourage further criminal activity (i.e. removing graffiti quickly to deter others from committing similar vandalisms), or relocating a source of neighborhood complaints (such as a payphone or bus stop) to an area less likely to create problems.

The Dixon Police Department is committed to being a full-service police agency to the citizens of Dixon. Our goal as we further define and implement the philosophy of Dixon Policing, is to emphasis a management style and an organizational strategy that promotes police and community partnerships. Dixon Policing recognizes a shared responsibility and connection between the police and the community in making Dixon a safer place to live. Next time, I will discuss the implementation of our sub-beat policing philosophy that the police department has recently implemented in our efforts to improve community partnerships and customer service in the City of Dixon.

If you would like further information on the Dixon Policing philosophy, or any information regarding police services, please feel free to contact Ron Willingmyre, Acting Police Chief at 678-7070.