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Dixon Police Department
Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division is lead by Captain Ron Willingmyre. Captain Willingmyre is supported by a division sergeant and two detectives. The responsibility of the Investigative Services Division is to conduct follow-up investigations of all reported felony offenses and certain misdemeanor offenses that occur in the City of Dixon. The Division's detectives investigate crimes that have possible suspects or leads which may be too complex or time consuming for the assigned patrol officer to accommodate in a timely manner. Detectives are dedicated to efficient, timely and thorough criminal investigations to determine facts as they relate to the innocence or guilt of those suspected of criminal activity. The objectives of such investigations are the identification and prosecution of those individuals responsible for the crime. 

The Investigations Division consists of several components with distinct responsibilities:

Crimes Against Persons - responsible for the investigation of homicides, questionable deaths, robberies, aggravated assaults, adult missing persons, and CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer.) 

Property Crimes - responsible for the investigation of property crimes including vandalism, burglary, theft, and receiving stolen property.

Economic Crimes - responsible for the investigation of white-collar crimes, including forgery, fraud, misuse of credit cards, Identity Theft, embezzlement, and High-Tech Crimes.

Auto Theft - responsible for the investigation of stolen vehicles (felony and misdemeanor), and receiving stolen property offenses involving vehicles.

Crimes against Juveniles - responsible for investigating child neglect or abuse.

Sexual Assaults – responsible for the investigation of sexual battery, rape, and other sex offenses (felony and misdemeanor.)

Family Violence - responsible for the investigation of Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse and providing victim advocate services to crime victims and witnesses.

Narcotics and Drug Activity

The City of Dixon Police Department actively pursues drug violators and illegal narcotic activity within the City of Dixon. The Investigations Unit conducts ongoing investigations into those individuals who are suspected of possessing illegal narcotics and or possession of illegal narcotics for sales. Both Patrol Officers and Detectives aggressively pursue individuals who are suspected of being involved in local streets sales of illegal narcotics.

The City of Dixon Police Department is also a member of the California Multi-Jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (Cal-MMET) - a countywide task force that investigates and prosecutes cases involving the manufacture, sale, and distribution of illegal drugs.

TIP LINE: 707-784-1351


There are actions that you as a private citizen can take to ensure that the sales and manufacturing of methamphetamine is not occurring in your neighborhood. Do not enter a site that you believe may be cooking methamphetamine. Do not confront a neighbor that you suspect may be selling or cooking methamphetamine. Contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.
Listed below are some of the common pieces of equipment and chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine. Any one item may or may not be used for that purpose; however, a combination of the following may be reason for concern.


Pyrex dishes, plastic bottles,coffee filters, funnels, blenders, rubber tubing, strainers, propane cylinders, hotplates, measuring cups and lab glassware/beakers


Rubbing alcohol, acteone, sulfuric acid, red phosphorus, rock salt, iodine, lithium batteries, lLye, Drano, pseudoephedrine tablets, antifreeze, and Starter fluid


Methamphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant with a high potential for abuse and dependence. Meth is smoked, snorted, injected or administered orally. Users refer to methamphetamine as "crank", "speed", "crystal", "glass", and "ice". Signs of meth use include dilated pupils, sweating, dry mouth, hyperactivity and tremors. Methamphetamine users may also exhibit aggressive and psychotic behavior, irritability, anxiety and paranoia. In cases of high dosage or long-term abuse, users experience violent mood swings and hallucinations.

Methamphetamine acts by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain. Users may stay awake for several days without sleeping or eating. The strain on the body is enormous and can result in permanent damage. Users often become desperate for the drug, which can lead to an increased risk of violence to law enforcement and the public.

Methamphetamine trafficking and production is dangerous, not only to the user but to those around the lab site. Meth labs are hazardous and explosive. They can cause fires, explosions and severe exposure of dangerous chemicals to people and the environment. Labs have recently been located in apartments, hotel rooms, homes, garages and even in moving vehicles. Meth labs are a threat to any neighborhood or community.


Immediately after ingesting meth, the user experiences an intense sensation called a "rush." The initial rush lasts only a few minutes, followed by a euphoric feeling. The attempt to experience the rush repeatedly can lead to abuse and dependence.


Prolonged use is often associated with violent antisocial behavior. Methamphetamine users may experience severe psychological impairments, such as extreme paranoia, delusions and a condition known as "Methamphetamine Psychosis."


Methods of Use

Slang Terms

-Skin sores
-Weight loss

-Bent spoons
-Plastic Baggies


-Frequent visitors at all times of the day and night
-Late night activity
-Occupants are secretive and unfriendly
-Occupants appear paranoid
-Occupants are unemployed
-Extensive security at home; fences, dogs, security cameras
-Occupants smoke outside
-Chemical odors from house
-Excessive trash
-Materials that are stained red; coffee filters, bed sheets
-Occupants place their garbage in neighbors dumpsters
-Evidence of chemical dumping in yard; burn spots
-Windows blackened or curtains always drawn

If you have information regarding the sales, manufacturing or use of methamphetamine, please contact the Solano County Multi-jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (CAL-MMET).


The combination of these two services allows the City of Dixon Police Department to pursue a vision of a “Drug Free Dixon”. If you have information or obtain information as to illegal drug activity or drug violators in your neighborhood or anywhere within the City of Dixon you can provide that information anonymously by leaving an e-mail at .