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Dixon Police Department

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Reporting Graffiti – Dixon Police Department (707) 678-7080
Graffiti Abatement Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement Form   

Parking Violations – Dixon Police Department (707) 678-7080

Reporting Animal Nuisances
– Solano Humane Animal Services (707) 449-1700

Christina Cormack
Community Service Officer

201 West A Street
Dixon, CA  95620

Ph: (707) 678-7070
Fx: (707) 678-0954

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Code Compliance

Our Mission:

The mission of the Code Compliance Division of the Dixon Police Department is to educate the public on City Codes.  With the cooperation of property owners we can reduce the number of abandoned and inoperative vehicles, unsightly accumulation of debris, junk and other defined nuisances.  By enforcing the City’s Municipal Codes; property values will rise, quality of life will increase, neighborhoods will become more beautiful, and the City will be a safer place to live.

What to do if you are faced with a nuisance in your neighborhood:

We strongly encourage that you talk with your neighbor about your concern before contacting the Code Compliance Division.  In most cases, contacting the property owner and notifying them of the nuisance will resolve the problem.  Let the property owner know how this problem is directly affecting the neighborhood.  Explain your point of view and see if a compromise can be reached.  Most property owners will listen and respond to your concerns; they too have a vested interest in the appearance of the neighborhood.

If you find that your attempts to resolve the nuisance have failed, please call the Code Compliance Division.  Although voluntary compliance is the objective, involuntary abatement actions will be taken if necessary.

How to request a Code Compliance Investigation:

Code Compliance investigations can be initiated on a complaint basis.  It is the City of Dixon’s policy to make every effort to keep the complaints information anonymous.  However, the reporting party must provide their name, address and phone number before any action will be taken.

When filing a complaint, please provide:
  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • The specific complaint or problem, you feel is a violation.
  • The location of the problem with street name and home number.  If the address is unknown, give the location of the property.
To report a complaint, call (707) 678-7070 Monday through Thursday, from 8:00am to 4:00pm or send an e-mail to  
Frequent Code Violations:

9.01.020 (A) Storing, keeping or maintaining weeds, dry or dead vegetation, papers or paper products, and other combustible and noncombustible refuse or waste.

9.01.020 (B) Storing, keeping or maintaining: vehicle parts; scrap metal; bottles; cans; wire; firewood; boxes; containers; wood and building materials no longer usable for their intended purpose; tools; machinery; equipment or parts thereof; or abandoned, discarded or unused household furniture or appliances.

9.01.020 (C) Storing, keeping or maintaining: rubbish; refuse; trash; junk; garbage; and other waste or discarded material, including but not limited to, the accumulation of asphalt, concrete, plaster, tile, rocks, bricks, crates, cartons, boxes, dirt, sand or gravel.

9.01.020 (D) Storing, parking, keeping or maintaining: wrecked, dismantled, inoperative or abandoned vehicles, on private property which are in view from the public streets or neighboring properties.  The mere covering of a vehicle with a tarpaulin or other temporary cover or structure does not constitute removal of the vehicle from view.  This subsection shall not apply to vehicle storage yards, automobile dismantling yards, wrecking yards or approved vehicle repair facilities when properly zoned for such uses or when such vehicles are actually in the process of being repaired and not being used as a source for parts.

9.01.020 (K) Any vehicle or portion thereof and/or any equipment located on private or public property or in the public right-of-way, or any nonresidential building or structure, being used for living or sleeping purposes except for travel trailers being used on property properly zoned for such use.

9.01.020 (M)  The existence of any condition or use which unlawfully obstructs, injures, or interferes with the free passage or use in the customary manner of property, any public park, street, highway, sidewalk, and any other portion of the public right-of-way.

9.01.020 (S) The existence of graffiti on any building, fence, wall, equipment, motor vehicle, trailer, sign or other object on private or public property or in the public right-of-way.

9.01.020 (W) Storing, parking, keeping or maintaining of operative vehicles, boats, vessels, trailers or camper shells on any portion of a required front yard area other than the driveway or immediately adjacent paved driveway extension.

9.01.020 (X) Storing, keeping or maintaining trash cans, refuse cans, recyclable containers and/or other such containers in the front yard area or other visible yard area at times other than the day of collection or prior to six p.m. of the day prior to the day of collection.

9.01.020 (AA.) Maintenance of any tree, shrub or other vegetation such that it impairs passage along a public sidewalk, impairs the ability of drivers to see any traffic sign, impairs the ability of drivers to see other traffic, or blocks any streetlight.

Please call (707) 678-7070 or e-mail with any questions you may have regarding the above Dixon Municipal Codes.

Who is Responsible for Property Maintenance & Correcting Code Violations?

According to the Dixon Municipal Code, 9.01.040, it shall be the duty of the owner, and of responsible party occupying or having charge of control of any parcel of land, improved or unimproved, to maintain such parcel of land free of any nuisance and/or nuisance conditions at all times.  The same responsibility extends to the public rights-of-way or public land, related to any vehicle, vessel, structure, machinery, container, refuse, debris or other item found to be or having been under the charge or control of a property owner, responsible party, or last registered or documented owner.  Any owner or responsible party shall be responsible for the removal or correction of any nuisance or nuisance conditions and the costs for such removal or correction.

Does the Code Compliance Division enforce C.C.R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)?

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) are generally recorded by a developer upon construction of a sub division and homebuyers may be required to agree in writing to the CC&R’s upon purchasing the home.  The City is not party to the agreement and does not enforce CC&R’s.  Complaints involving violations of the CC&R’s should be addressed to the respective Home Owner’s Association. 

What if I receive a Code Violation Notice and I can't correct the violation by the Re-Inspection Date? What can I do?

Contact the Compliance Division prior to the re-inspection date and they may provide you additional time to make the corrections provided you have made some progress towards compliance and the violation is not an immediate health and safety hazard.

What is the status of my complaint? Why does it seem like nothing has been done?

You can always contact the Compliance Division to find out the status of your complaint. Code Compliance strives for voluntary compliance from the responsible party; this may include extensions in time to gain compliance.  All legal processes must be followed and exhausted prior to any direct abatement action taken by the City.