General Information

Demographic Category
IncorporatedMarch 30, 1878
Size6.7 miles
Population (2010)18,315 people
Median age (2000)32 years old
Median income of Dixon (2008)$71,122
Median income of Solano County (2009)$79,400
Labor force (2010)8,900 people
Employed residents (2010)8,100 people
Unemployment rate (April 2010)9.9%
Projected new jobs in Solano County (2016)4,600 jobs
Solano County labor force (2009)214,400 people
Percent of population with a high school diploma or higher75.1%
Percent of population with a college degree18.6%
Crime rate (2009)609 part-one offenses
Elevation62 feet above sea level
Average daily temperature60 degrees Fahrenheit