Can I have a warming /cooking fire in my yard?
Warming and cooking fires are legal with the following conditions;

1. They are in an approved container.

2. The material being burned is “fire wood”. Not construction material (sawn wood, pallets), yard waste or garbage.

3. The smoke generated is not “offensive” to neighbors(*)

4. An extinguishing method (serviced portable fire extinguisher/garden hose) is readily accessible.

5. The fire is being supervised/monitored by a “responsible” adult at all times.

Other precautions that should be considered are proximity to a structure, combustible furniture and vegetation, propane cylinders and any other ignitable item.

Consider notifying your neighbors of your intent to have a fire. This will help limit the reporting of a fire and the resulting response from the fire department.

*The fire department has the authority to extinguish any fire that, in their opinion, is offensive, not being supervised or is a threat to any exposure.

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