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  1. GSP 2019 Plan

    Solano Subbasin GSP Open House - April 2

    Come hear an update on the development of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) for the Solano Subbasin. You can receive up to date on the development of the plan and connect you to places where you can find out more information. Read on...
  2. VG2 2019 Series aerial photo

    Dixon Offers Special Tax Bonds for Sale

    In early April 2019, approximately $5 million of Special Tax Bonds will be issued by the City of Dixon CFD No. 2015-1 (Valley Glen No. 2) (the “District”). The Special Tax Bonds are secured by the levy of special taxes on property in the District. Read on...
  3. Statewide Compliance & Outreach Program Conducting Business Visits in Dixon

    The California Department of Tax & Fee Administration (CDTFA) will be conducting a Statewide Compliance & Outreach Program in Dixon over the next 2 months. A team of seven CDTFA employees who will be canvassing businesses in Dixon zip code of 95620. Read on...
  4. Water Rate Study

    Council Approved Water Rate Study

    In light of the Council approved water rate increase on 1/22/19, City staff have received several inquiries related to the water rate study conducted by Raftelis. The City Council retained Raftelis to conduct this study in January 2018. Read on...
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